How To Get ONE OF THE MOST Out Of HIIT Training

How To Get ONE OF THE MOST Out Of HIIT Training 1

OK and that means you just signed up for Class Pass or a new gym and you want to look at some classes. If you’re explained by the above — this article is for you! And if you are that person who’s already doing HIIT classes but wants to obtain additional out of them this short article is also for you! But precisely what is HIIT training anyhow first? The result is an elevated heart rate for an extended period of time than your basic lifting weights or steady state cardio session which burns more body fat in less time.

Actually, it’s a little more technological than that and entails EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and some other things — but that is clearly a subject for a different article. This article is to arm you with a few quick tips to be sure you increase your HIIT workout every time.

Let’s jump right in but keeping in mind that the class format will vary from studio room to studio in this article I am focusing on the HIIT class platforms that utilize treadmills for sprints coupled with floor exercises. Since I am located in Beverly Hills, California here will be the local LA based studios that offer this style — I’m sure there are more but they are the primary ones I am most acquainted with.

Burn60 Studios – full disclosure – I am incomplete to the one since I also eventually teach here. From day to day In other words know your restrictions – which can vary. I usually remind my class students to do a body scan and check in to see if its a “yes day” or a “no day”. If all pistons are firing and everything feels all set – that’s a “yes day” and this is enough time to force extra hard. If you scan your system and things are a little achy or you feel a twinge in your knee or your back again etc. this is exactly what I call a “no day”.

This doesn’t mean you don’t workout, it just means you change the high impact exercises and/or hold back a bit and that means you don’t risk an injury. This way you’ll still take advantage of the gift of motion nevertheless, you honor the body along the way. You will still leave feeling much better than when you walked through the door but you go out – rather than limp away.

There are so many options on the fitness treadmill. As someone who has a chronic recurring 15 calendar year old hamstring damage – flat sprinting doesn’t always agree with my body so I attended up with some fun and very effective calorie burning alternatives. Do the same works as the mixed group but on an incline.

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  • Set an objective and make yourself responsible to it
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For example. Whether it’s a 30 second flat sprint where you may normally do 10.5 mph – take the incline to 6% and run at 6.0 mph or more. Trust me – your heartrate will still get high! It has made all the difference in my training since doing my runs this way and I haven’t re-injured my hamstring but still feel amazing after every treadmill workout.

As an apart – some girls in my classes have asked me “will my thighs increase from operating or walking on an incline?” The answer NO is! In all my 20 years as an individual trainer and fitness consultant I’ve never seen someone’s legs increase from doing incline running or walking. Think about it – just how many hikers have big legs? Of all women (and men) in LA who religiously hike Runyon Canyon day in and out, a day sometimes twice, have you any idea any with huge muscular thighs from hiking?

How To Get ONE OF THE MOST Out Of HIIT Training
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