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Good Life Of Design 1

I have not fallen off the facial skin of blogland world, but I have been busy lately with a couple of things. First, like the majority of you I have been taking down Christmas, but this year’s take down is a little different for me personally. I am bound, and determined to purge, and get more structured with my decorations.

On the fringe of the activity is to get the garage washed, and organized. A large job that has needed to be done for longer than I like to admit. That is going to be always a long process but a worthwhile one so wish me luck, I need it!

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I get to get a new drain and countertop in my kitchen! That is something I have waited for a very long time. I am an extremely patient person when it comes to waiting for what I’d like. I’d wait around than just get something through the interim rather.

I have found that temporary becomes long lasting in my life. This tile is 34 years of age and has organized attractively. I have already been known to not use a cutting board for cutting a lemon for my tea, or an apple, or an orange on the tile. It really is an operating kitchen, one where we go out.

It has a good sized breakfast club area where we eat some foods, the kiddos do crafts, and I set up a buffet here whenever we have company. My little kitchen is a true workhorse. I have a chance to make some changes to the counter-top now, sink and faucet. I have Carrara marble on my entry hall floor..

I likewise have it in my visitor bathroom….. I am very alert to the maintenance, and the beauty of this stone. It meets all of my criteria aside from one…. I’d have to be more careful with how I use my counters. I am not afraid of it showing some tear and wear, but I am leery of having to take into account my counters every time I go to cut a lemon or an apple.

Good Life Of Design
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