Laura Geller Cheek Color Is COMPONENT OF My Life

Laura Geller Cheek Color Is COMPONENT OF My Life 1

Laura Geller makes exceptional cheek color products. 31) for years – literally years. It’s one of my two most reached-for blushes. Get yourself a fresh, dewy shine with Geller’s Ethereal Rose Baked Radiance Face Powder. The marbleized shades of pink and pearl cast a flattering shine on your tone. Rich tones of marbleized pigments are swirled collectively in a soft, silky, powder for a glow-giving blush with common appeal. Each of Geller’s blushes mixes multiple pigments for just the right color of color for all those skin types. Laura Geller lately had a sale, so when you attend her site, you’ll find a few of the shades can be purchased out. I am certain that’s short-term.

I think we cleansed her out – all for a discount. I made the decision I needed to have another Ethereal Rose to keep from panicking after I go out of the one I’m using. While I was at it, I purchased a darker pink for those full days when I want a little more color. 31) on the right. Both shades are, in my opinion, gorgeous and incredibly natural looking on the true face. I watched them with a sponge-tipped applicator, applying each heavily so that you could see the distinctions in the colors. I took my photos in full sun. Ethereal Rose is shown near the top of my arm, with Roseberry below.

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10, a totally different shade). I hardly understand why Laura Geller doesn’t get more attention from bloggers. She makes amazing makeup. Can’t make up your mind on color? You will want to try Baby Cakes Baked Blush Palette. 39.75. Wait for a sale Definitely. Laura Geller has discount events often enough that you can shop online in advance and get ready to order the moment the sale is announced – before your colors start to sell out. To know when events occur, sign up for her email list or follow her on Twitter. Her Twitter name is @LauraGeller.

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Laura Geller Cheek Color Is COMPONENT OF My Life
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