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Proper skincare can also mean less makeup dependency. After all in my case, I must say I love makeup (my stash is a dead giveaway) but there are occasions that I wish to just go out without the fuss, especially with this summer’s unstable weather and moisture. The picture above shows me without a stitch of makeup on – that’s me by itself, bare-faced, and locks air-dried naturally. During the colder a few months, it was easier for me personally to maintain a better skin regimen since I don’t release much but with summer, skin switches into hyperdrive for me personally, so I’m more OC with it than ever.

Although I’ve extra steps on skin care, I’ll make an effort to keep it basic as possible and un-intimidating. Like the no-frills picture above Just, I’ve shown my tips in skin care. Different young ladies have different epidermis types. Some girls are greasy, some have dry pores and skin, some have delicate skin, plus some have combination skin.

Depending on your skin type, the right skin care products for you might be not the same as your friend or sister for example. For oily-skinned girls, you would need facial cleansers for oily skin and light moisturizers that won’t cause your face to decrease once in awhile. Dry-skinned girls might need the excess increase of luxurious cream formulas.

Sensitive-skinned girls may skip toner and must stick to products free from fragrances, dyes, or alcohol. In the event that you must switch products or want to try a new product, you need to give it a try using samples or try to do a patch test first so to see how your skin layer responds to it. Although I make reviews and everything, what might work for me might not work for others. So before buying something, the best look for opinions, books, reviews, and try the testers.

That’s why they’re there. I’m not saying to stick to nutrient or organic-only or whatever products. I am using products which have been working for me quite well. Some products do not work for me as well as they actually on others. It’s a matter of experience. I’ve learned now what products work for me personally with respect to the season or environment, both within Manila and overseas.

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  2. Briefly expose yourself; don’t assume everyone knows who you are
  3. Neon green on tear duct. Neon Green on half of lid and crease
  4. Ombre Cut Crease
  5. 2 teaspoons orange zest
  6. Safety first
  7. Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush in Pillow Talk

I also choose products relating to my age. My baby-cleaning soap routine on my face once I was 10 may not work now that I want anti-ageing ingredients on my epidermis. REPEAT AND UNDERSTAND: CLEANSE, TONE MOISTURIZE. Pre-makeup pores and skin prep, this is my way to go. I cleanse my epidermis because even though I didn’t wear makeup before going to the makeup table, there might be oils and dirt that have accumulated on my face and neck. I always want to start my clients and models with fresh and clean skin. Some even wash their face before makeup. I wash my face, whisk toner with a soft cotton ball, and moisturize to keep skin hydrated.

Then, I let them sink in before doing the others of my makeup. This could lead to further irritation and scarring. Since I really like matte lipsticks, my lips need extra hydrating power. My lips do not produce essential oil glands so I need a lip treatment to keep them damp and supple. I out go, I use lip conditioner with SPF (current product: MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster with SPF 15). At night, I slather on The Body Shop Lip Butter since it’s not waxy.

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