Yonka’s PHYTO 52-Rosemary Cream FOR EVERYONE Skin Types

Yonka’s PHYTO 52-Rosemary Cream FOR EVERYONE Skin Types 1

From Yonka headquarters: “PHYTO 52 is a fast-absorbing night cream with a powerful Rosemary base that restores firmness and oxygenates to shade the skin, shape of the face, invigorate the tone, and share its phyto-aromatic advantages to the whole body. Yonka uses words like firm and tighter pores to spell it out Phyto 52. I love this cream! Yonka products and thousands of clients throughout those full years using and dropping in love with Phyto 52. I will say that this cream does feel just like it is firming and lifting your skin.

Chock it up to its Rosemary content in large part. Phyto 58 PNG, and Phyto 58 PS. Rosemary is stimulating to blood flow, which really helps to get air and nutrients to your skin cells. Any skin type at this benefit can be used by any age. Rosemary in high concentrations is a lipid solvent; this means it can help to break through fatty inclusions (like sebum-oil), rendering this cream excellent for problem, greasy, and scenic epidermis. Phyto 52 is also detoxifying.

For any of you who have used (and enjoyed) Phyto 54, you understand it was discontinued probably. Phyto 52 would be a great replacement product. It can have significantly more Rosemary (10% vs. Phyto 52 should prove to be a great addition to your skin care program. Having said that, the 58 lotions are also excellent alternatives to displace Phyto 54 (see hyperlink below). The Rosemary creams are recommended at night, mostly because they don’t make great makeup bases.

In other words, if you wear a base or mineral makeup on all of your face and you’re utilizing a Rosemary cream like Phyto 52, your makeup just won’t go on well. Therefore, use Phyto 52 and any of the Rosemary creams as your night treatment cream. Some social people don’t love the Rosemary aromatic. Phyto 52 would not be considered a good cream for these people because it has an extremely strong Rosemary scent. However, most clients absolutely love the way this cream smells, prompting them to always use it. I personally love the Rosemary aromatic. Even in the end these years, I can’t get enough from it! If you have true-dry (oil-dry) skin, you may want to use your regular moisturizer over Phyto 52 for better hydration. Or use Optimizer Serum (the best).

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Yonka’s PHYTO 52-Rosemary Cream FOR EVERYONE Skin Types
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