Sneak Peek Of Athletic Apex: See Inside New HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTER At Destiny USA (photos)

Sneak Peek Of Athletic Apex: See Inside New HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTER At Destiny USA (photos) 1

A new health and fitness center are starting at Destiny USA in Syracuse. Athletic Apex, which has night clubs in Florida and Texas, will open Friday. The health-golf club shall be located on the first and second flooring of Future USA near Best Buy. Athletic Apex is located in the former Bally’s location but has as much space as the prior health and fitness center double.

Athletic Apex has three levels and more than 40,000 rectangular feet inside the mall. The service provides child care, locker rooms, saunas, towel service, 11,125 pounds of dumbbells, and 111 pieces of cardio equipment. The health club has machines and biomechanical devices designed by Athletic Apex’s founder Randall Hunt. Hunt said in an information release. Jeff Sanders, chief operating official, said he’s getting excited about the public seeing everything the health club has to offer. 50 registration fee is required. A couple of no cancellation or contracts fees. For more information, visit Athletic Apex’s website or Facebook page.

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  • Fitness shouldn’t be creepy
  • A room for low-impact cardio aerobic classes
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  • Reaching a target weight
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  • Make your intentions clear with your full-time job, and invest in a regular class schedule

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Sneak Peek Of Athletic Apex: See Inside New HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTER At Destiny USA (photos)
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