Jun 20, 2019 : Philippines

Jun 20, 2019 : Philippines 1

I don’t want to reduce tabs on what really matters, but sometimes Personally I think like a huge part of my well worth is just my appearance kahit alam ko naman na Hindi dapat yun yung basehan ng value to. I understand beauty fades, pero sometimes I cannot help it if it is all what people compliment me for. I notice that I’m being too hard on myself, I become unhappy as I don’t desire to be such as this. I don’t want to depend on a fleeting facet of myself.

My mother didn’t know very well what Glico man was. I said it’s /the/ icon of Osaka. Go Osaka, see glib man, and you’re done. But she was like, “ha? Apa tu?”. Ramai Gila k nak bergambar kat lick man is. This was in Shinsaibashi, and there were street food, shops, and macam macam la, but we didn’t shop at all other than our supper. Firstly, nothing at all much that sticks out, and mail.

I experienced this “benda ni malaysia pun ada. Why should I buy here kalau kat Malaysia pun tak beli”? This baby ahjumma is my mother. I have a perfume from Body Shop that’s supposedly being sakura scented. But when we were there, no smell is had by these auras. Ke I yang gorgeous? Seriously, recreation area was so clean I was at the verge of tears.

Oh, and because we continued a weekday can, so there were loads of people in office attires having lunchtime picnics there. If only Malaysia has that kind of weather: setup take sun-drenched. And clean. We’d be picnicking errrrday! We also went to Sitennoji Temple. It’s been a month, and I still have no idea why we went there. It’s only a huge temple, there have been loads of tortoise, and ummmm.

Use this opportunity to take photos of my besties. Yes, my besties are my skincare. That night, we went to Umeda Sky Building. It’s like Menara KL, except we can go out and see the populous city view outdoors. It was really cold, but it was nice too! Met a group of Malaysians up too here! So sweet of these to tear me in Japan, together with umeda sky building, at night, in the cold. It’s really a meetup to remember!

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Ummi great take semi cool. Naik bullet train woohooo! We visited look for Yozakura (night time cherry blossom) near our hotel, and I asked the receptionist where to go and how to get there. Ten minutes later, lost. We were around lost and after asking, it seemed that to walk to the river would take 1 hour on foot!

So ask je la test. Btw, it with his kat naik teksi & makan je kat Sana. Nak beli souvenirs sure kena fikir sejuta Kali. It’s well worth seeing this in real life. My eye was blessed. Again, .RAMAI MANUSIA YA ALLAH! In the event you don’t know, diorang ni suka minum arak in, so at the sides of this river, the locals were drinking, taking pictures, picnicking, there were couples, families, workers, macam macam jenis wrong la.

Best jugak tengok peel diorang. Imagine seeing old dudes in work clothes and being drunk & loud. They’re like polite drunkards, unlike the ones saw in Rome & UK many years ago i. Fist up: Ueno Park! It was a Saturday, and rupanya each of them cop template awal-awal, plus they picnic there with their friends and all then.

Jun 20, 2019 : Philippines
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