I BELIEVE This Post Is Enjoyed By Me!

I BELIEVE This Post Is Enjoyed By Me! 1

I think I love this post! I used to be getting so upset watching I’m A Celebrity last night. When Miss World was a bit more of a huge deal in the UK in the 90s, I enjoyed viewing it. I absolutely enjoyed the glamour of it all and watching all these stunning women in nice dresses.

I look nothing beats any of the ladies in these pageants and yet watching them does not make me feel insecure. I think blaming pageants for individuals insecurities is ridiculous. These insecurities come from women believing they must be evaluating themselves to others and that’s not the fault of beauty pageants. If beauty pageants weren’t around, there’s in the same way many beautiful stars or models or even everyday people on the street that are going to cause these same insecurities.

I came away from I’m a Celeb last night really not having a good opinion of Rebecca or Lucy. To me it almost appeared like these were picking on Amy due to the fact she is beautiful. I mean, they were performing like she’s never really had any insecurities or she’s never really had a bad phrase said about which she obviously did as do others in the public eye.

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When Rebecca still left to cry and Laila/Mo proceeded to go within and said “you’re so beautiful, much better than her” it really got me irritated, to me people should be beautiful in their own way not be “better” than other folks. Amy has done nothing to any of these women yet they were almost ganging up on her as though as an attractive girl, and a normally attractive girl at that, was a crime.

Without these trees and shrubs I would not need this special, safe medicines to use and I might have to use synthetic drugs instead. Dead leaves become compost, which makes the soil fertile. When the soil is healthy it can grow new things in it like more trees and shrubs, food and very flowers. I have six trees in my own garden and they’re enjoyed by me all. Maisie lives by the comparative aspect of the garage and shades my den.

She obstructs the entry so no trespassers can get in. She’s dark green leaves which make good collages. Leafy is a tall sycamore tree which my tree house is built in. He could be possible to climb but he could be very big. The helicopters are flown by me, which he scatters over my treehouse system.

He is the biggest of the great deal. He defends me from the rainfall. There’s a bee’s nest in him and whenever I go into my treehouse playing he gives off special messages because the bees never sting me. Rose is the employer of all trees. She is a rose tree with white bouquets. Rose is exclusive and various from others.

I BELIEVE This Post Is Enjoyed By Me!
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