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When I believe of Hawaii, I believe of palm trees and shrubs, sunshine, bloom print out tee shirts and Tom Selleck. I do not think about chocolate. It just seems such as a place that is warm for such a meaty treat too. But that’s not the entire case. I also didn’t expect such good chocolate to be produced in Hawaii either.

But I was wrong about that too. My first ever delivery of Hawaiian delicious chocolate came in the other day and I was completely surprised by the taste and quality of the bean-to-bar chocolate made by Madre Chocolate on O’ahu, Hawaii. Not that is expected these to make bad chocolates, I just thought the climate would not be befitting tempering and keeping good delicious chocolate. Admittedly, I expected to receive a package of wrappers with a pile of melted delicious chocolate at the bottom of the package.

But nope. Perfect condition. Not melted whatsoever. Not a bit even. This business knew how to package their chocolate to handle the high temperatures of Hawaii and its transport off their island to mine (albeit considerably colder temperatures on my Island!). THEREFORE I have tasted all of the flavors that I bought much, which was: Coconut Milk & Caramelized Ginger, Passion Fruit 70% CHOCOLATES, Pink Peppercorn & Smoked Salt (70%), and the straight up 70% Hawaiian CHOCOLATES. My favorite – by far – was the Coconut Milk & Caramelized Ginger.

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It was so easy, and creamy, it just melted in my own mouth and truthfully, tasted better than regular milk chocolates. It was rich, and filled with flavor, so that a dark chocoholic like myself could appreciate it, but also creamy and milky with a hint of coconut flavor. So this dairy-free chocolate is great for people and vegans who cannot have milk due to an allergy.

The caramelized ginger was different than I have tasted before. The ginger had not been chewy, or soft, but the type of had and hard a milder flavor than most ginger. So really there was just a hint of ginger flavor. I possibly could eat this chocolate bar at all times easily was simply a tiny bit (or a lot) nearer to Hawaii!

The Passion Fruit chocolate club is Madre’s most popular pub and I can see why. Normally, I do not like chocolates and fruit combinations, unless it is raspberry and chocolates or banana and delicious chocolate, but Interest Fruits were similar to the heavy bitterness and tanginess of raspberry and for me, it proved helpful.

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