Whose Heliport Is It?

Whose Heliport Is It? 1

The background of the Whistler Heliport and the culture operating it is a tale of unethical behavior of mammoth proportions. Spearhead Aviation Ltd. (previously Whistler Air) built a hangar and installed a gas facility several years ago at the municipal heliport. The saga I needed to go through to get a place up there is chronicled below. The existing owners of Spearhead Aviation are actually forced into going to court to continue to have the ability to operate in Whistler. Spearhead Aviation under the new owners will be able to offer the community competitive helicopter services.

Furthermore you will see more plane options to choose from and more airplanes available when needed. It shall be an optimistic advantage to all helicopters users in the ocean to Sky area. But that is exactly what the Whistler Heliport Society (WHS) does not want. They would like to eliminate any competition to Blackcomb Helicopters using every means possible. When I approached the WHS in 2013 to secure a spot at the heliport, I was told none of them were available.

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I had to publicly embarrass them before I could secure a location. 12 months Immediately after the purchase agreement was designed to transfer Spearhead Aviation to the new owners last, the WHS gave a day notice of rent cancellation to Spearhead Aviation. For over 9 a few months the new owners attempted to talk to the WHS to determine a working relationship. The only response was to say get lost fundamentally.

The AGM for the WHS happened in December 2017. We were informed that we can attend. A few days before the AGM was to occur, email educated us that people would not be permitted to attend. Here’s why they didn’t want us there: According to the bylaws of the WHS regular membership is available to people like the new owners of Spearhead.

At the AGM they went and changed the bylaws to exclude operators other than from BC (even although heliport was constructed with federal money). They do this specifically to keep the new owners out. Furthermore they changed the bylaws to allow leases to non helicopter operators that the WHS “approves of”.

Let me expand with this particular bit of hypocrisy. 500. Monthly) for his or her operations courtesy of you, the taxpayers who covered the heliport. Whistler Heliskiing to there is. So, that they had to repair that! The fact now is that, the majority of the heliport space is adopted by the customers of Blackcomb Helicopters. And they are going to state with a right face in court that there just is no room for any other actual helicopter companies?

Oh ya with the AGM John Morris (the overall Manager of Blackcomb Helicopters) stepped down as chief executive of the WHS, the discord of interest being way too glaring. This is going to court and quite possibly your taxes dollars shall be used against us in this fight. In the event that you feel that this is merely plain wrong I urge one to call your favorite counselor at the RMOW and say so. I have already been asked to give a upgrade and overview of the ongoing heliport issue. Blackcomb Helicopters has taken over the municipal heliport for his or her own use.

This facility was built-in the first 90’s with three million dollars of federal and provincial money. Constructed for providing lease areas for up to five procedures Originally, Blackcomb Helicopters happens to be the only helicopter operator at the heliport. They do not want some other operators there and to that end within the last many years have used their control of the society that manages the heliport to restrict access to any other competition.

This is apparently with full countenance of the RMOW. Spearhead Aviation (previously Whistler Air) is challenging their usurpation and monopoly of the heliport. The culture today gave us notice that we are trespassing by moving back to a hangar I built four years back. This pressing concern will be going to court. There’s a pretty good chance the RMOW will have to pony up money for lawyers and possibly for damages because they are the ones who are supposed to be in charge of this ridiculous situation. Unless you want to see your taxes dollars wasted on this, I urge you to ask questions of your Mayor and council.

Whose Heliport Is It?
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