The NEED FOR Education In THE WONDER Industry

The NEED FOR Education In THE WONDER Industry 1

In a previous interview Jazz spoke in regards to a masterclass she went to early in her career held by influential Australian makeup musician, Rae Morris. Visiting Auckland to instruct her own brow sculpting masterclass Now, we fulfilled and spoke with Jazz about the important part education has had to play in her own success as a beauty business owner. How important has the education gone to you in your career? I wouldn’t be here without education.

I attended Rae Morris’ masterclass 8 or 9 years back. It led me to brows and it led me to running my own business. Had I not went to that course, I wouldn’t be here doing what I really do today. I wouldn’t have realized how important eyebrows were for the makeup industry.

Rae Morris is a respected makeup designer in Australia. 4,000. My friend was carrying it out and I sat in as her face model. Each day Rae was speaking about eyebrows. Eventually she said, “In the event that you haven’t finished the eyebrows, I’m not going to look at your makeup”. I found that eyebrows were important and thought really, ‘Right, I’m going to learn about brows’.

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A lot of what Rae taught formed the foundation of might work, and then I went on and grabbed information from differing people, and kind of created my own ideas and ideas around how brows should be formed. That’s what I spread to other ladies. Both children should come to my classes.

They may not take on everything I say, but they’ll take on all the pieces that they think are essential. They’ll go on and develop their own ideas, and discover their own success. Having the ability to do eyebrow shaping has given me my very own self-reliance, and educating people to do what I really do gives them their independence.

That’s why I love education. Can you say that qualifications are necessary for success in the wonder industry? Absolutely. You must at least complete a waxing certificate to have the ability to handle wax. You can’t be an eyebrow musician and wouldn’t be covered by insurance without it. You don’t want to do a whole beauty therapy course necessarily, but I believe it’s important to comprehend color, epidermis, and makeup, for brow shaping. With makeup they educate you on to look at the face in a manner that I don’t think you would learn simply by doing a waxing certificate.

It’s important to understand how we age group, our bone structure, our facial structure, and the way the brow balances everything. With all the current brief classes and workshops available, how will you tell what’s a quality education? Research who is providing the course. The best thing about social press is that individuals are putting themselves out there. If you’re looking at their images, and you’re liking what they’re producing, chances are you’ll like what they’re teaching.

How would you balance online education with in person training? Again, it boils down to who’s teaching. If you believe the best teachers in the world are overseas, and you can’t there overcome, do it online then. If you focus on your own and can go and use someone in person, that might be good then.

The NEED FOR Education In THE WONDER Industry
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