Chamber Of Business Area Accommodations, Calendar Of Events!

Welcome to the Marion County Chamber of Business in beautiful downtown Jefferson Texas. Please be certain to stop in and visit us! Our board of Directors all take pride in the direction of the Vision and Mission of the Chamber for today and tomorrow. Become familiar with your Panel of Directors working hard for our members and the grouped community. Welcome to the town of Jefferson, Texas…”Riverport to the Southwest”.

At a time when steamboats plied the best Cypress River from the Port of New Orleans, true Southern gentility was the order of the day. This sense of timelessness prevails even unto today. Let yourself be whisked away to a land not a long way away as you glide peacefully along an open-air riverboat where Jefferson’s colorful past comes alive. Take a ride in to the 19th century as you travel on the steam engine train of which played a substantial role in Jefferson’s background. Relax in a equine attracted carriage ride and hear the many legends and lore.

Relive the past as you stroll through museums and special places of interest. Evening in an historic hotel or motel or one of the numerous elegant bed & breakfasts Spend a memorable. Jefferson established fact as the Bed & Breakfast Capitol of Texas. Ease along the brick roads as you get into the merchant’s shops and be dazzled by their variety of wares. Allow yourself to be captivated by culinary delights which range from informal to fine dining.

Settle in for a trip through time when the living was easy and the period was golden. As you stand on the banking institutions of the Big Cypress you’ll get a feeling of the past. Close your eyes and you can almost hear the whistle of steamboats entering port, the rustle of long petticoats and riverboat gamblers trying their fortune.

The Marion County Chamber of Business in Jefferson, Texas has all your area information including attractions, accommodations, dining, special events, celebrations, business directory, and calendar of events. Jefferson has turned into a community with a superior quality of life. Visitors come to Jefferson seeking the ambience, relaxation and activities which here are provided.

Jefferson offers many bed and breakfast time inns, restaurants, places of shops and entertainment. You will find boat rides on Big Cypress Caddo and Bayou Lake, wagon and surrey rides, trips on a railroad trips and teach of historic homes. New residents from over the United States have chosen Jefferson for their home because it can be an open, friendly community where people from diverse places and backgrounds feel safe in a progressive setting.

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Chamber Of Business Area Accommodations, Calendar Of Events!
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