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30,000. Revised due to QE programs. Forced by Germany into the corner to getting the blame for forcing Greece to default and probably exit the prosperity destroying failed euro, Draghi, and the ECB blinked yesterday, and provided a trickle of more money to Greece. The new “drop dead” time moves out a week to May 6th, 1 day before Great Britain votes in its general election precipitating another European crisis. That is now what passes for adult policy making in the 21st century EUSSR. Still I stay “optimistic” that something will “arrive.” Rumors remains that Greece and the Troika are going to pull a rabbit out of a hat at the coming weekend.

Buy the rumor, sell the news headlines. The European Central Bank or investment company elevated the amount of emergency liquidity open to Greek banks, while signaling that access to such money may become more challenging if bailout talks remain deadlocked. 1.5 billion) to 76.on Wed 9 billion euros people acquainted with the decision said.

That follows a rise around 1.week 5 billion euros last. An ECB spokesman declined to comment. With no speedy deal between Greece and its creditors in sight, the ECB is studying actions to rein in ELA financing to limit dangers. Staff has suggested increasing the discount rates imposed on the securities banking institutions post as security when borrowing, and the Governing Council may discuss the issue at its May 6 conference. “When the Eurosystem all together gives such support, we have our very own collateral rules, they could be set by us ourselves,” ECB Governing Council member Ardo Hansson told reporters in Tallinn, Estonia.

Intended to counter deposit outflows, Greece’s ELA is provided by the country’s central bank or investment company at its risk, and against lower-quality security than the ECB accepts. Household and business deposits dropped 1.9 billion euros in March to 138.6 billion euros, the lowest level since January 2005, regarding Bank or investment company of Greece data released Wednesday. Weekly ELA injections reflect deposit outflows, as liquidity buffers are kept at about 3 billion euros to provide the Bank of Greece and the ECB time to react within an emergency.

Hopes that a revamped Greek bail-out team would finally break a two-month deadlock with lenders took a fresh blow on Wednesday, as the Leftist government’s firebrand energy minister pledged “no surrender” to international lenders. Highlighting a deep schism within the ruling party over Greece’s future in the solitary money, Panagiotis Lafazanis said there could be “no bargain” with creditor capabilities, who have been seeking “subordination and surrender” from his federal government. Mr Lafazanis in Greek newspapers.

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A popular figurehead of the party’s radical Left Platform, Mr Lafazanis attacked the Troika for “water-boarding” the Greek economy, choking its people into submission. The energy minister, that has ties with Moscow, has been one of the fiercest critics of the Troika’s plans to undercut Athens’ promises to handle Greece’s “humanitarian turmoil” through increasing income and pensions for the poorest. In America Meanwhile. Recovery? As the Telegraph’s renowned AEP remains “an optimist,” Don Quixote was an optimist too. Right now we have the global economy stalling, with a disastrous currency war underway.

China barely growing, if not actually stalled. Europe all but falling apart, the growing market economies reeling from China’s slowdown. Russia in a trade war with the EUSSR. Now comes the USA economy actually contracting after the unintended inventory build-up is stripped out. In my world view there’s not a lot to be optimistic about. But Iceland, I am aware, is on something of the roll.

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