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After an extended weekend (with prom locks and makeup galore, birthday parties, and other activities taking place) i’m actually very excited to get back to the greater every day program (which is endless of course) of my entire life. I made a 20-page scrapbook for the birthday party as well as a shadowbox frame. Did I remember to consider pictures of some of it?

I still have a few credit cards I have to post, so not all is lost. But more on the good reason I submitted this entry before revealing a card. Last week I got a sad email. A scrapbook store in Easley (a town about 20 minutes roughly away) was closing down. The dog owner is a detailed friend of mine.

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She’s the one that possessed The Scrapbook Company where I taught before. So she’s lost both of her stores before season. Very sad. I wish her the best and hope that she actually is happy back again at her prior job. On Thursday afternoon, I decided to make the drive down to her store to see what goodies she had left just. 20 minute drive to go to an area store would be heavenly.

Since moving to SC, I have been blessed with numerous scrapbook stores around me. And it’s really oh so very very sad! Main Street Memories in Easley is the 4th which have shut its doorways in the three years that I have lived here. I know there were others that suffered deaths before I relocated here as well untimely.

Creative Chaos may also be closing it’s doorways. Now I had never been there. I tried a few times, however the store transported odd hours and I seemed to have them right never. The odd hours may have hindered the shop’s success. But it’s still unfortunate to see a craft shop decrease. Then on Saturday I got a notice saying an extremely local shop (it’s within 2 miles from my house) will also be closing its doorways!

This one acquired me altogether shock. I didn’t realize the store was doing this poorly. My dear friend, Jan (whom I caused on the Scrapbook Company) works there. I question if she saw it coming. Locals will be able to buy online and grab at the warehouse then but no more in store browsing (unless someone happens to be at the warehouse. So it’s just very very sad to me! I guess financial times are hard for everybody.

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