I Believe Decluttering Is A Process

I Believe Decluttering Is A Process 1

Looking at the above photograph, which has the three palettes I not too long ago decluttered from my assortment, it truthfully does not appear like a lot. It’s just three palettes. And that is humorous as a result of getting rid of these three palettes has felt like an immense feat, like I’ve cleaned out so much of my assortment. When I began this blog, I had close to 30 large eyeshadow palettes. That wasn’t counting smaller palettes or quads. I consider I efficiently completed 4 months of my one-week, one palette collection, which means that I bought by way of about sixteen of these palettes.

Several of my palettes have been what I considered “companion” palettes, and I left them out of that venture. Now, I am joyful to say that, together with customized palettes, I have 12 large eyeshadow palettes. Excluding custom palettes, I have 7 giant eyeshadow palettes. I have 9 smaller palettes/quads/Melt Stacks. And so I suppose that is why, although the numbers are nonetheless high, it doesn’t really feel all that prime to me.

I know that all of that sounds high maintenance, and positive, I’ll take that. But that is what works for me. I like to have companion palettes, I like to have travel palettes, and I wish to have these shiny palettes that I don’t use all the time. Now, I also have a big assortment of single shadows, so I’m on no account saying that I have a small makeup collection, but I feel I am really getting close to a great collection for me. And that is what I believe sometimes will get misplaced within the “makeup rehab” group.

Sometimes I feel folks take the urge to purchase and as an alternative apply that to decluttering or panning. After which these practices can get obsessive as properly. Some individuals are happiest with an enormous assortment with drawers and drawers of palettes. Some people are pleased with a minimal collection or two eyeshadows.

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And some individuals, like me, are happy with an admittedly giant collection that is incredibly curated. And as I say that, I nonetheless suppose there’s room for improvement and downsizing in my collection. But several months ago, I thought I had gotten to a healthy place. And I’ve decluttered greater than 10 palettes since then.

I think decluttering is a course of. But I really assume it’s definitely worth the time to judge your assortment and really work out what you personally need and what works finest for you. So, listed here are the three latest declutters in my collection. I spoke about this in my Weekend Looks publish this week, so I won’t go on a lot right here. Essentially, this is a good palette that I just wasn’t utilizing. I do not need light, medium, and dark variations of green, pink, and blue, and I have already got the Electric Pallet and the custom smaller palette with colors. I even have all of these neutral colors elsewhere in my assortment.

I Believe Decluttering Is A Process
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