Fitness With Jessica

Now if you are like me, the nearing springtime season really puts a fire under me and motivates me to want to improve my physical health. I wish to have the power to keep up with my kids. I don’t want to look for bigger clothes either. I wish to save money and also fit into a few of last year’s stuff.

I want to clear my mind from the cobwebs of winter and exercise can do all those things. But if you are also like me, you may have a lot of “what if’s” lurking around. Like, what if I don’t possess time? What if I cannot do push-ups? Imagine if I can’t do 2 mls?

What if I’m overweight? What if people laugh at me? Imagine if, what if imagine if? When starting something new or something you haven’t done in awhile, it can be scary, and we can make up a huge amount of excuses and uncertainties to carry us back again from reaching our goals.

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As you understand I recently started P90X. THEREFORE I shall use that as my example. My first concern was time. I’ve 4 kids, plus I show fitness classes, I have a husband, I like to cook, I love to blog, give fitness advice, you get the picture. Imagine if I couldn’t fit a 45-50 minute workout in each day?

Well, I thought about it, even though I was thinking about it I just began decrease. EASILY could only do 15 minutes one day, hey, that was much better than nothing. If I could do 30 min in the morning and another 30 during the night, well better even. I decided which i wasn’t going to beat myself up over my “what-if.” I was just heading to do what I could each day and just be thankful I acquired it done.

This goes for any exercise too. Start with small, reachable goals. 5 minutes is preferable to no minutes still. My next “what if” was, imagine if I couldn’t do all the exercises perfectly? Well this one was just a little easier for me, but hey, I still get anxious about starting a fresh schedule. I get people at all times who think because I teach people ways to get in shape just, i must be in the greatest shape then.

I don’t believe I’m in bad shape, but yes, there are things I cannot do. For instance I’m really good at push-ups, but I cannot do pull-ups. I can fast run, but I have problems working long distance. See what I’m getting at? So once i began my P90X program, I used to be anxious and my “what if” was what if I can’t continue?

Fitness With Jessica
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