Publishing … And Other Forms Of Insanity

Publishing ... And Other Forms Of Insanity 1

A Hollywood agent is approximately to visit bankrupt. No clients are got by him and even less in his bank-account. So Satan pays him a visit. “I could get Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise to to remain with you. In return, I want your soul.” The agent ponders the offer for an instant and then says, “But what do you get out of the deal? To a certain extent, agents are worthy of their reputations.

Agents are middlemen. They don’t really create, they don’t publish, they simply pass along the task of others. Agents need not understand the finer nuances of what you’ve written, or grasp the subtleties of your prose. They don’t really even have to like your projects (although it helps). All an agent really has to do is sell your publication to a publisher. To carry out that, she or he must convince a publisher that your book is the best thing since sliced bread.

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This is where the article writer and the agent often end up at loggerheads. Writers desire to be appreciated by the person who represents them. They may be wished by us to love our skill, wrangle the perfect contract out of megalith publishing houses, and we want them to ensure that lots and lots promotion and attention will be lavished on our work.

In short, you want to have our wedding cake and eat it too. We want the agent to be both an admirer and a salesman. They don’t really call. They don’t really write. So, where’s the love? Just like the progressively fictitious publisher whose lone purpose in life is to nurture budding writers, the unconditional love of an agent is a pipe dream.

In general, agents have even less understanding for the written word – and for the folks who write it – than web publishers do. These are searching for a quick lucrative sale. Michael Larsen, in his revealing book, How to Get a Literary Agent, says that, “as an article writer, you are the most important person in the publishing process, because you make it go.” That is quite true. However, if writers are like cars, providers will be the gas then. Or if agents are like cars, we are gas.

The point is that without an agent, we would as well not exist, as as web publishers are concerned much. Agents know fact. And that is why agents are harder to snare than a publisher. Realistically speaking, realtors aren’t there to hold your hand. They may be to make a buck there, that they can’t do without you. Fortunately, that they learn how to do this working job a lot better than anybody else.

Publishing … And Other Forms Of Insanity
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