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So today I proceeded to go for my first session of micro-needling with Marcelle. I truthfully acquired no idea what it entailed so I was clueless moving in. I just knew it was a load of tiny needles in a pen but I didn’t know anything else! First of all I wish to say that I covered this myself and everything that jazz! The first program costs €75.

You can get the first session done to observe how you feel about any of it, if you want it, many people are different, which means this will be my experience. Following the first session, you will need about 3 more to start to see real results. The whole thing like the first session costs €260. Monthly so you can pay completely or regular monthly You only have to get one program. I am going to once a month be paying.

Now that of the specialized stuff has gone out of just how let’s jump into the treatment! So is my skin before here. Very bad at the moment, if you follow me on Snapchat you’ll know it was getting me down therefore I was excited to start micro-feeding. So I proceeded to go in anyways with Marcelle and she applied a numbing cream to my face. I used to be delighted to hear this therefore I knew it wouldn’t hurt, I wouldn’t feel something! This will take about a quarter-hour to work into the epidermis and take impact. After I was showed by that Marcelle my new clean needle and the device and all that jazz!

Marcelle is very informative and tells you everything step-by-step. This reminded my of these devices used on my brows but that bit bigger. The fine needles are small! There’s loads of them however they bypass at an easy acceleration to it’s like vibrations. Now here’s the bit where we actually got began.

  • I’m noticing acne scars and wrinkles less and less
  • Avoid touching the rash again and again since it may cause skin discomfort
  • Jaanu age defying cream
  • I retyped everything a chapter at the same time, editing and enhancing as I proceeded to go
  • 7 2
  • Should not exfoliate too much

Marcelle starts the treatment on the cheek area as that has the most chubbiness I assume haha! For me anyway it can. Just to start off so a feel is got by you of the treatment. Honestly lads, it’s like a little vibration on your face. It isn’t one bit painful, I found it soothing actually! This isn’t bad at all and anyone can sit through it.

It’s all numbed and that means you can’t feel a thing. This took about 20 minutes on my face. Everyone is different but it’s roughly between 20-35 minutes. As I said I came across it relaxing therefore I liked this treatment really. Everything is sense fine as of this true point! And now here is whenever we were done! As you can see from my Snapchat, I wouldn’t recommend planning anything after this treatment haha! Which means that your face feels sunlight burnt basically. It just feels really hot, just like a sunburn but Marcelle applies balm to cool off the skin, and it’s been about two hours and my skin feels fine now!

Everyone reacts differently though, Marcelle said some people can be a light tone of pink a good day or two later but as I said just avoid being running around town! I got the water and needling where I needed it and fitted to my skin type which is greasy but Marcelle will provide you with exactly what your skin needs so don’t worry about that. You mustn’t wear makeup for at least 24 hours and when you can go 48 then even better.

So guys, I believe that’s it! Basically, it didn’t hurt at all but I am red! As stated I will be getting three ways more I will keep you all up to date on my journey and everything that. Right now, my skin feels good, it appears crazy but feels firm and nice.

I’m enjoying this treatment! This treatment is for a true number of things. I got this to reduce scars from blemishes and to unclog my pores but it could be used for a number of things! I hope you found this helpful. When you have any questions you can pop myself or Marcelle a message. Marcelle’s details are above so screengrab those if you’d like! Safe to state I will not be going anywhere tonight haha.

Jodi Roche Makeup
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