Disney Twisted Tale Book Series

Disney Twisted Tale Book Series 1

Has anyone browsed the Disney Twisted Tales books? Not long ago I purchased a box group of three and I really like them absolutely. There is Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty, and the Beast, Mulan, and THE TINY Mermaid. My box established included the first three: Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast.

Aladdin tells the tale of what would happen if Aladdin never found the lamp. Sleeping Beauty tells the story of what would happen if Aurora never woke up. Beauty and the Beast tells the story of what would happen if Belle’s mother cursed the beast? They are excellent reads. These are aimed at adults but are such great reads. I have just completed Aladdin and can’t wait around to start the other two.

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The publication trilogy is very good imo. Week how the Hunger Video games were enjoying a media blitz My daughter and I noticed during the last, well-designed, I’m sure. My child has been up for the last two nights reading the e-books. And now she’s looking forward to the film. I have no basic idea what the lot is about, my little girl and I haven’t become into that conversation so far.

Disney Twisted Tale Book Series
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