The Classy Woman

The Classy Woman 1

While there are extensive characteristics a classy woman embodies, I believe we all can concur that being humble is one of them. Nobody wants a braggart or a person who parades around flaunting what they have off their killer legs to their 7-figure bank-account balance. There is completely nothing incorrect with working hard and ultimately obtaining financial success or in investing in numerous hours at the gym to make a beautiful entire body and enjoying the rewards of both. It’s whenever we intentionally flash it in another person’s face it becomes distasteful, downright and off-putting obnoxious sometimes.

Having said that, even if we’re not deliberately parading around, it’s still important to be aware and err on the conventional side. There is a certain confidence that every classy girl possesses which allows her to be quite happy with modesty and be herself so there is no need showing off or make an effort to get the attention of others, especially men. Does she feel 100% self-assured in every solitary situation in life? Of course not. Most of us have fears, doubts, and nerves that get the best of us sometimes, she is alert to her areas for improvement as well as her limitations.

How we choose to channel those feelings and task them into the world to make a huge difference in how we are perceived. More than perception just, we want to truly live a life of authenticity and contentment both on the inside and the outside. What sense is there to appear self-confident to others if you are in reality a self-sabotaging, self-ridiculing, person who doesn’t like herself and lacks true confidence inner serenity?

In my last post, I had written on How to Love Yourself. That is key in becoming a confident female and only when being our first self-confident in who we are can we truly be modest and humble. You don’t have to boast to get approval from those around us. For me, there is nothing more attractive than when someone is authentic and just at ease completely. If you’re researching to dress more modestly yet stylish, a look can be taken by you at my last few fashion posts. See some great pieces and looks here, here, and here.

UPDATE 1/10/17: From the comments on one of my prior posts about Tate, today–I stress that this is unconfirmed. UPDATE 1/12/17: More on the debacle from an Oklahoma-based blog that has released a lot of articles about Tate’s shenanigans. A previous Tate staffer in Tate’s now-closed Cebu offices represents partial payment of incomes, non-payment of government-mandated bonuses, and other problems dating back a few months.

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Things are fine, people, just fine. Never mind the mass layoffs of employees. Never mind having less payment and non-communication. It’s all just a transition. I’d like to listen to from Tate authors who join the portal. Have you received any results from your “new support ticket”? UPDATE 1/16/17: There’s now a discussion board for Tate writers to share encounters and support: Tate Publishing Help.

UPDATE 1/18/17: The Xerox lawsuit goes to court on Friday. YET ANOTHER UPDATE, 1/18/17: I’ve now noticed from several Tate authors and former US staffers that Tate shutting down today. Two different people have told me that it is considering a bankruptcy filing. Remember could mention suspicions that Tate was shifting assets to a fresh company called Lux Creative Concepts, LLC, registered last February in Oklahoma by Ryan Tate’s wife, Christy Kelley-Tate? Well, get a load of this.

As many Tate authors know, Tate’s Marketing Director is Terry Cordingley. Draw your own conclusions. What looked like a fork in the street turned out to be the end from it for Mustang’s Tate Publishing this week, as it shut its doors for the last time. One of Tate family users’ principal concerns during the planned restructuring, and then as they encountered the closure of their company continued to be the company’s approximately 35,000 authors, they said. Work to help those writers make other agreements had been underway and would continue as Tate caused its lawyers to complete the closure process.

I suspect most Tate authors will see that last paragraph bitterly ironic. 50 “processing fees” to get last book-ready files. UPDATES 1/21/17: Terry Cordingley has erased his Blogger profile and changed his LinkedIn profile. The bolded wording is interesting, because I’ve learned, via a former Tate employee, season of its lifestyle that Tate was issuing Lux Creative Ideas agreements concurrently with Tate contracts through the final.

According to the employee, the Lux agreements cost a few hundred dollars more than the typical Tate agreements, and were for writers who needed more media “extras”. 722,000 (which it paid to Tate “for the exclusive privileges to print out and send out at least five million, 500 thousand (5,500,000) non-returned devices of titles”) plus the same amount in problems, plus late charges.

The Classy Woman
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