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Part 1 Of 2 1

This is a two-part article explaining how to go and create a purchased WordPress website on your hosting server. The first part points out why you might like to purchase a WordPress site, how to transfer the site and setting up the area on your hosting server. Part two will need a closer look about how to install web-sites data source and configure some important WordPress settings.

Have you ever tried moving and establishing a purchased WordPress Website on Your Hosting Server. Lets take a real example but change the true titles. What do you think? Though WordPress is super easy to set up and manage Even, moving an existing WordPress Website to your hosting server should be a little more complex than that. So Bob thought that there must be more to it, especially as the MySQL data source file acquired another database prefix, which is usually your hosting account ID. 123.sql. Bob’s Database prefix is bob58.

I know that when you bring back a MySQL database in cpanel that it requires the sql file name to import the desks it in to the same-named database, or creates a new one. 89wpbd123 was made. The database restore acquired stripped out the underscore and added Bob’s data source prefix. Bob then wrote Maria back again asking for more details, and whether there were any specifics that he needed to take into account for moving, establishing, or configuring her specific the WordPress website. She apologized and replied that she didn’t know how to manage this and suggested using a live speak to my hosting support provider.

Maria probably thought that moving a WordPress website in one hosting server to some other would be as easy as she initially said, so Bob could not count on her and didn’t demand further. Bob’s hosting provider has an outstanding support, which means this was not a too bad idea, but he determined that he would try it out on his own first. There may be a quicker way, but it worked great for him and, in the end, if you understand some simple but important details, the setup is self-explanatory quite.

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Let’s first format the basic steps necessary to transfer the website to and set up the WordPress website on your hosting server. What do you will need before you start? When you have purchased the related area also, the very first step is to get the website used in your domain service provider. This will be achieved by the owner.

If you have the same domains service provider, this is very simple usually; it’s called “pushing”. Maria had another domain provider than Bob is using Unfortunately. To make things easy, he created a free account with her domain-service agency and would care for transferring the domain to his provider later on.

Part 1 Of 2
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