Easy Online Photo Sharing For Your Smartphone

Easy Online Photo Sharing For Your Smartphone 1

Photobucket can be an online photo and video posting a website that have been around for many years. It’s an excellent place to store photos that you wish to share with others and makes a great location to put pictures that you intend to use on message board forums that don’t allow photo uploading. The site also makes a great online location to store photos and videos that you can gain access to from any web-enabled device.

If you have accounts and own an Android telephone, you should check out the free Photobucket app. Android users can do everything with the online service that computer users can do with their PC. You can publish or delete photos, create albums to organize photos, or share them even.

The app is totally free and all you need is to truly have a Photobucket account, which is also free. In your options with this app, Android users can upload their entire photo gallery or videos at once. You can also set it up to automatically upload every new picture or video after it is taken. When I saw this, what immediately popped into my mind was that if someone were to steal your phone and start capturing with it, those photos would automatically upload without the thief ever realizing it.

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It’s also a nice feature for individuals who share the pictures from their accounts and don’t want to have to stop and upload every new photo they take, like if they were on vacation. The app shows a notification in the top left corner of the display screen after every successful upload. You need to be careful what kind of photos you take if you retain this option enabled, since there is great prospect of embarrassment there. If you are in college and plan on attending a party ever, you certainly want to off switch the auto-upload option. At the top of the application screen is a button that says My Albums and this is where you’ll find your photos.

By default, the only photos it shows will be the ones not specifically assigned to any recording. To be able to view your albums, you have to hit the Menu button on the telephone, then select Albums from the pop-up menu and then it’ll suggest to them. I wish it would show the folders right on the primary My Albums display rather than making me go through two different menus to get to them.

Other than making me dig for my albums, I found this application to quickly perform very. Photos display in a couple of seconds on my Samsung Galaxy S, and then the menu is hit by me button and can send it to an album. I went through a lot of my photos and could quickly organize them into named albums.

Easy Online Photo Sharing For Your Smartphone
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