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There is a pattern among scholars in sociology and gender sciences to claim that more or less everything is interpersonal constructions. Relationships and tasks in the culture are constructed by humans inside our interactions. Hence, they argue, there are minimal universal behaviors. Anthropologists writing about strange habits in different societies are often cited to show that there is great variability between people living in various places, and there is indeed.

However, it is often overlooked that we now have many similarities between different civilizations as well. I claim that even though there are numerous distinctions between people in different societies that stick out, there are many also, more fundamental, behaviors which do not vary between different ethnicities. Take beauty for example.

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Is it true that beauty is in the attention of the beholder? People from cultures all over the world acknowledge what faces are beautiful and that is not beautiful. For example, symmetrical faces are seen as more attractive than non-symmetrical faces. Similarly, around the world a 0.7 and 0.9 waist to hip proportion for women and men respectively, is considered the most attractive physique.

Preferences for the quantity of fat on your body varies between civilizations. In starving countries in Africa “wider” girls are usually preferred whereas in traditional western ethnicities almost anorectic women have emerged as very attractive, but it is found that people prefer 0 consistently.7 and 0.9 waistlines to hip ratios. We can do better than this even. For example, have you seen a person who becomes happy when faced with misfortune and sad when life is good?

Have you heard of a culture where there is neither love nor hate? Comparing humans to other species can show us how similar we are really as a varieties. The dung take flight know no better place for mating than a new, fresh, rich in nutrition pile of dung. What do you picture dung has the aroma of for dung take flight?

Probably it is equivalent to whenever we smell our companions perfume or a bed of roses. I donĀ“t think there is certainly any woman who prefers pop out her baby into a pile of dung, but why not? I hope it is clear by that humans now, though we differ in many respects even, are very similar to each other fundamentally.

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