My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss 1

Most of my family was in town last week. Yesterday and everybody else will leave on Mon Some went back home. My long-term readers know just how much I love my children and exactly how my world revolves around them for the about a week they may be here. So, I have already been very busy having a great time since I last submitted. I’ve been practicing moderation lately with regard to my eating. I think I did well most of the time. I ate that which was served in normal size to small portions even. I ate a peach cobbler and mashed potatoes, but only small servings and no seconds.

In fact the peach cobbler was just a little tart and I never ate any more after my initial serving. I could have done better though, I could have ceased eating when I chose it wasn’t the best, but that appeared wasteful. Stopping is another hurdle I must overcome. The week There have been times during, that my niece would point out that she was hungry and I’d realize I used to be too. We would be so involved with whatever activity, which I wouldn’t be considering food at all. In these circumstances, I would believe that perhaps this is one way ‘normal’ people relate with food.

They just go about their business, realize these are hungry, eat, and go back to whatever they need then. It was freeing. I really enjoyed this time with my children since I wasn’t obsessing about food constantly. There was no pushing food on me either. It had been a nice laid back time.

Lest, I leave the incorrect impression however, This week I did so GAIN weight. I know that I had way too many indulgences. At my goal weight, it may be OK but not now. Not, while I am trying to lose actively. The treats have died so they aren’t here to tempt me.

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I am completely back on the healthy choice wagon now with my food options. I did so not drink enough water all week. It wasn’t on my radar. Today, I’ve made a priority. And I’ve seen the results already. I’m eliminating that excess water. I’ve read from more than one source, that if a person isn’t taking in enough water to see your face will retain water.

It must be a survival system that kicks in. I’m getting a lot in now, and my body is regulating itself. Finally, I did so not do any formal exercise. I did move a complete lot more than typical though. Most days, I spend a long time each day at a desk. Week Not last. We played games and moved a lot, so I feel like that part evened out.

Speaking of exercise, I’m investigating Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer. Has anyone got any insight to share beside me on that? He’s the man that does P90X. Even though that delivered me to the physician, I’m thinking this might be OK. There isn’t as much kicking. I’ll see my doctor tomorrow. I intend to ask his opinion too.

The initial success rate with this surgery is 80 to 100% and the long-term success rate is equally impressive. Disadvantages are the dumping syndrome. This occurs when something special is consumed usually. When the food enters the small intestines it can cause cramping, sweating, nausea, etc. Dumping may also be seen as an edge, however, since it discourages folks from eating sweets.

My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss
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