It’s A Conspiracy, Ya Know?

It’s A Conspiracy, Ya Know? 1

The beauty of bouquets is universal. Idiots and Grumps may say, “BUT beauty is subjective!” Give me a break! Oh, sure some plants are more desirable than others, and what’s the deal with ROSES nevertheless? Sure roses is really very very nice, but I could name about half a dozen plants that we find more desirable. Personally, I lean toward the notion that the appeal of roses is a marketing gimmick from the blossom industry. It’s a conspiracy, ya know?

I’ve never met an ugly blossom. I favor some to others because of their aroma and overall look, but that’s subjective. Right. I won’t give you a list of those I find more appealing than others. Well, maybe you can bribe me, but you’ll have to visit first. How do YOU like to experience flowers?

Cut and established, or growing and in an all natural setting? Gardens can cross for “natural functions,” if you prefer. I won’t be picky. I love flowers MUCH better in the wild air and growing. Flowers in a vase or a basket are very, but they make me miserable. I understand they are useless already.

  • Facial scrubs
  • Are often exposed to high heat and dampness
  • 8 years back from England
  • Control your bodyweight and steer clear of walking bare foot or so
  • Visiting a new unseen place within the city

You’re just taking a look at a fairly corpse. Soon they will expire and droop just in case you wait around long enough they’ll turn brown and show up from the stem and then you have to unceremoniously toss them in the dumpster. If you are around when the bucket is kicked by me, PLEASE don’t do this to me! And get all Macho on me don’t, OK? If you’re heading to be like that and have even convinced yourself that it is true, god then, Jeb, I don’t want to know you even! I LOVE flowers, and have always, but I have never in my own life received flowers-57 years.

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It’s A Conspiracy, Ya Know?
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